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The right hearing loss solution for you

Hearing loss treatment designed with you in mind…

It can take courage to address hearing loss and Clarity will help guide you or your loved ones toward the right hearing loss treatment solution – no pressure and no hard sell.

When it comes to addressing hearing loss Clarity offers you three things:
1) The best experts assessing your needs,
2) The right recommendations for your hearing loss, and
3) The assurance that you have received the right solution.

Five ethical hearing treatment principles

As Queensland’s largest independent audiologists, we created five ethical practice principles which we live by:

  • Ensure an accurate diagnosis by employing only the best University Masters qualified and registered Audiologists.
  • Only prescribe treatment and device features when there’s medical evidence it will help address your hearing loss and suit your lifestyle and budget.
  • Ensure access to ethical and transparent pricing. You can always see exactly what your treatment will cost you. Our prices are online for comparison. These are our best prices – we don’t ask you to find a better price and then match it like others. We give you our best price upfront.
  • Recommend only the level of device needed and ensure there are no incentives (eg sales commissions or targets) for our audiologists to sell you more expensive devices that may give you no extra hearing benefit.
  • Remain truly independent ensuring we can find and supply the right device for your specific hearing loss from any of our nine manufacturers.

Compare hearing aid and service pricing now

Before you sign on the dotted line with anyone, compare your quote with our prices online or call us to compare.

And remember, even if you have been told you need top of the line hearing aids for your loss, research shows there’s often no additional hearing benefit from these devices.

Fully funded assessments and devices

Clarity is a registered provider for the Australian Hearing Services Program. This allows us to offer fully funded (free) hearing tests, hearing aids and ongoing support to eligible pension concession card holders.

Clarity is also a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We recommend and fit the latest devices with Bluetooth functionality including Invisible In Canal (IIC) models (including the ultra-small Insera IIC hearing aid). If you are eligible we’ll even assist you with your simple one-page registration form and lodge it on your behalf.

Why Clarity?

From hearing tests, Government-funded hearing tests and hearing aids, audio devices and assistive listening devices, Clarity has a full range of hearing services in Brisbane, Mackay and Townsville plus clinics in other regional centres up and down the coast and right through country Queensland.

For you, it means better hearing and better health so you can connect again with your family and colleagues and hear the sounds that make life a joy.

Contact us for your best hearing loss treatment or an independent, reliable, second opinion.

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