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News: Are you being cold-called for hearing services?

Are you being cold-called for hearing services?

Are you being cold-called for hearing services?

13/02/2017 - Ethics, Hearing Aids, Insurance, Treatment

Have you been contacted recently by your private health insurer or a hearing aid provider saying they are aligned with your private health insurer?

Other hearing aid providers have been cold-calling private insurance holders to convince them to shift providers offering them free hearing aids and top ups.

These would likely be entry-level or slightly above, and likely from one manufacturer only, depending on the offer and provider.

Any provider can accept your private health rebate so there’s nothing new in this offer.

Clarity’s offers a no-commission model and choice of all manufacturer aids. You get the comfort of knowing the hearing aids we recommend are the best ones suited to treat your hearing loss.

How did they get my number to cold-call me?

We’re not sure. Your private health insurer may have an agreement with them or they may have data-mined it. 

Once they have your number they will then usually employ a third-party call centre or lead generator to call this list.

The lead generator’s role to get you to convert to the new hearing health provider. Lead generators may only get paid on a converted lead, which is why they are so persistent. Clients have told us they have been called four times by these call centres.

What should I do if I get a call like this?

You are under no obligation to stay with Clarity Hearing Solutions, but do call and compare their offer and what we can provide. You will most likely find our offering is the same or better when you look at the fine print.

We have always been proud of our service and our expert diagnostics and treatment.

Our philosophy is quite simply to treat hearing loss. not to sell hearing aids. It’s a difference many hearing aid providers don’t understand.


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