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Cyclone Debbie Flood Loss Replacements

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Contact us for your replacement options

Whether or not you’re an existing Clarity patient, we will provide free, no obligation hearing aid quotes to replace your lost hearing aids.

Please feel free to compare our competitive pricing by searching our online catalogue.

New Patients

Contact us on 1300 252 748 and we’ll quote our replacement cost. A written quote including fitting can be provided for your insurer if required.

Existing Patients

For private patients

  • Inside a year of purchase: We will replace at 50% cost under our 1-year half-price replacement guarantee against accidental loss or damage.
  • Outside a year of purchase: Retail prices apply and we will reprogram free of charge.
  • Insurance quotes provided free of charge.

For OHS patients

  • Please contact us for your options.

Contact us today on 1300 252 748 so we can get your replacement coordinated as quickly as possible.