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News: Hearing aids and wet weather

Hearing aids and wet weather

Hearing aids and wet weather

07/02/2019 - Hearing Aids

Tips and tricks for keeping hearing aids dry in wet weather

Queensland has suffered from intense rain, not just recently but historically.

And while hearing aids are amazing devices, as with any electronics, they don’t mix well with water.

If you have a house in the tropics you know what a week of rain will do to your, your walls, your bags, your shoes.  mould starts to grow everywhere and on everything.

Water resistance of hearing aids has improved greatly over the last few years. But with the constant barrage of moisture, hearing aids will need some extra TLC to ensure they keep working flawlessly.

Like any electronics, if moisture does get in it can affect the electronics. Moisture can corrode the parts inside the device including the processing chip, as well as affect battery life.

In the current Queensland environment it is highly advised that you use some form of drying techniques to ensure your hearing aids dry out fully on a daily basis.

There are several methods you can use to dry small electronics like hearing aids. You can use a dedicated electronic dehumidifier. It has a built-in timer. Place your hearing aids inside and press the timer and the device will apply gentle heat and airflow to dry out your devices. Just remember to remove the batteries before popping your devices into the dehumidifier.

Some of these dehumidifiers also include an ultraviolet light that kills any bacteria accumulating on your hearing aid.

A simpler option is a small container with a desiccant pouch or drying tablet. Just pop your hearing aids into the container overnight and seal the container. You can get specific drying tablets that will last quite a few months.

Finally, in an emergency, pop some rice into a ziplock bag with your hearing aids. Rice has the ability to soak up quite a bit of humidity, which will help dry your devices as a last resort.

The last thing to note is that humidity can affect the life of your batteries. If you find your batteries aren’t lasting as long as they used to, try to dry your devices using one of the methods above. If that doesn’t improve the longevity, contact your audiologist for advice.

Treat your hearing aids well and they will stand by you in all kinds of weather.

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