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ClarityFlex – Subscription Plan

ClarityFlex™ – purchase-free hearing and tinnitus solutions MoxiAngle-004

Clarity Hearing Solutions is proud to introduce one of Australia’s first hearing aid treatment subscription plan programs, ClarityFlex™.

At a glance – what is ClarityFlex

ClarityFlex is a low-cost hearing and tinnitus treatment plan (from just $75 a month) that does away with huge upfront costs. Included in your ClarityFlex plan is:

  • a full audiological treatment plan for the duration of the plan
  • fitting and use of our hearing aids and/or tinnitus treatment devices
  • batteries and other consumables
  • one simple, low cost monthly fee

*ClarityFlex is not available at some remote clinics.

A plan for you

ClarityFlex is a revolutionary simple no risk hearing and tinnitus treatment plan that offers you better hearing or tinnitus relief without large upfront expenses of purchasing hearing aids and/or tinnitus devices.

With traditional hearing services you pay an upfront amount for a hearing aid and the future treatment associated with the device. With ClarityFlex we approach it differently.

We see the hearing aid as an ongoing tool to treat your hearing or tinnitus problems. Your needs will change over time so why pay for a hearing aid and all the years of future possible treatment in one hit when we don’t know what the future holds. With ClarityFlex we charge a much more affordable monthly fee for your hearing treatment as you receive it, and we tailor your treatment to your current and future needs. And yes, this includes the use of premium, high quality hearing aids.

So you don’t buy a hearing aid. You simply pay for the treatment of your hearing loss which includes the use of our hearing aids.

What’s included in a little more detail

A ClarityFlex Hearing Rehabilitation treatment program includes the following services and hearing devices:

  • Initial personalised comprehensive hearing rehabilitation assessment and treatment plan by our highly skilled and experienced Masters of Audiology university qualified clinicians
  • Hearing Aids include the Unitron Moxi2 range. Virtually invisible, latest technology, premium quality, dust and water/sweat resistant, Australian Government Office of Hearing Services accredited hearing aids. All hearing aids have high-end features including 6-20 channels, 6-20 beam multi-directional microphones, Bluetooth, Telecoil, tinnitus treatment modes, multiple programs, binaural processing, plus many more features.
  • Bluetooth accessories (if required)
  • Annual audiological assessment and comprehensive rehabilitation review
  • Two follow up appointments per subscription period following the fitting appointment (if required) which can include the following:
    • Hearing aid adjustments/fine tuning
    • Employment, workplace and medical audiological assessments with hearing aids in situ including real ear measure and/or aided threshold freefield audiometry (for licencing and mining medical assessments)
  • Wax removal and management
  • Walk-In full servicing of hearing aids including cleaning, receiver replacements and Bluetooth pairing
  • A full batteries and maintenance plan this includes any consumable items such as all batteries, moisture kit and tablets, domes, receivers, and wax plugs
  • Full loss and damage coverage of subscription hearing aid/s (excess charges apply)

How do you access ClarityFlex?

Simply book in for a no obligation consultation* and we will discuss a treatment plan with you.

Then simply trial your ClarityFlex treatment plan, which includes your premium quality hearing aids, for a maximum period of four weeks with no obligation to subscribe, and then decide whether it’s for you or not.

If the treatment is not for you, don’t subscribe and no charges are incurred other than for the time taken for the initial assessment and fitting.

If it is for you, then continue with the recommended treatment plan and for a low monthly fee access the latest hearing aid technology, audiological rehabilitation, support, insurance and all your batteries and consumables for as long or as short as you want. It truly is your choice.

*ClarityFlex not available for some remote clinic locations

What are the costs?

With plans starting from just $2.50 a day we have a hearing treatment program for all needs and budgets. Our plans consist of the following prices per month.

Bluetooth devices (udirect2/uTV2/umic/remote control) – $10 per month per device

If the plan stops working for you then you simply opt out at any time.

Subscription periods start from four months and go for as long as you want. If your treatment plan no longer works for you then you can cancel your subscription any time without incurring any cost.

What are the benefits of subscribing as opposed to buying?

  • No large upfront costs
  • Risk free: If you’re not happy with your hearing outcome then opt out any time. No regrets and no expensive hearing aids left sitting in a drawer.
  • Always have access to the latest technology: Like smart phones and computers hearing aid technology moves very quickly and what was once the latest and greatest is soon obsolete. Instead of purchasing something that is out of date in a year, simply update your subscription treatment package as the technology changes, so you always get the latest technology.
  • Should your hearing or needs change then simply change your treatment plan to a different device rather than purchasing new hearing aids
  • Unlike purchased hearing aids, if you lose or damage your hearing aids you are not left with the large cost of replacing them. Simply pay a small excess and replace with new devices.
  • If you are only a little way off been able to access free hearing services through the Office of Hearing Services, but need some help with your hearing now then you can subscribe until you are eligible and then opt out.


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