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News: From the Clinic: Third time lucky for Susan

From the Clinic: Third time lucky for Susan

From the Clinic: Third time lucky for Susan

22/11/2017 - Ethics, From the Clinic, Hearing Aids, Hearing loss, Treatment

It took Susan three goes and thousands of wasted dollars to finally get a hearing outcome she was happy with.

Susan* was retired and suffered from hearing loss and it was starting to affect her personally and socially so decided to do something about it.

Hearing Aid Clinic 1

Susan made an appointment at a well known hearing aid clinic and was promptly assessed and told that to address her hearing loss she needed to buy hearing aids at a cost of $4,000.

Despite these costly hearing aids Susan didn’t feel like they were helping her. She went back for a number of adjustment appointments but nothing seemed to help. She ended up feeling stuck.

Hearing Aid Clinic 2

One day Susan came across an ad that sounded promising and made an appointment at a new clinic. Again she was assessed but this time she was diagnosed with single sided deafness, something the original clinic hadn’t picked up.

She was told that to address her hearing loss she needed to spend over $6,000 for a set, which she reluctantly did.

Susan later realised she hadn’t been offered any funding for the hearing aids through the Government’s Hearing Services Program, which she was eligible for, so had paid full retail price for the hearing aids.

In addition to this, she still wasn’t happy with the outcome.

Many would have given up and resigned themselves to their fate. She had spent a lot of money and time without the hearing result she had hoped for

Hearing Aid Clinic 3

Dispirited she saw an ad for Clarity talking about hearing aid reviews and decided to contact us and set up an appointment for a review.

On the day of the review Clarity’s audiologist confirmed that Susan did indeed have single sided deafness, essentially no usable hearing in one of her ears. A hearing aid would have made no difference to her in the side with no hearing. Clarity’s audiologist went through Susan’s options including the use of a CROS device.

A CROS device picks up sounds from the side of the bad ear and transmits them to a hearing aid on the good side. This means that in group situations people with single sided deafness won’t miss out on what is being said on the side of their bad ear.

A Bitter Sweet Outcome

The bitter sweet outcome from the consultation was that both the new hearing aid and the CROS device would be supplied free of charge as Susan was still eligible for the Hearing Services Program.

Susan reports that this is the best she has been able to hear in a long time and she is now able to again enjoy group and social settings much more.

If you are not getting the hearing results you expect from your hearing aids, make an appointment with Clarity for a review and a second opinion.

Find out more about the Government’s Hearing Services Program here.

*From the Clinic are actual stories from our patients at Clarity hearing Solutions. We have changed the names for privacy reasons.

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