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News: Hearing loss support for farmers in drought

Hearing loss support for farmers in drought
Grant Collins, Owner and Principal Audiologist of Clarity Hearing + Balance, and Tony Whelan, President of Better Hearing Australia, have announced the extension of eligibility of the Hearing Access Program to farmers affected by drought.

Hearing loss support for farmers in drought

25/09/2018 - Audiologists, Hearing Aids, Hearing loss, Treatment

With nearly 60% of the state now drought declared and regions struggling after years of low or non-existent rainfall one of the first casualties is often the’ individual health and well-being of our farmers.

Better Hearing Australia and Clarity Hearing + Balance have announced the extension of eligibility to the BHA Hearing Access Program to Queensland farmers affected by drought and their partners.

The program allows those eligible access to modern, refurbished hearing aids for a low cost. With new hearing aids costing anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 a pair, addressing hearing loss can be out of reach for many struggling with the drought. Through the program the cost for a professional hearing loss assessment and the fitting of a pair of quality, refurbished aids is less than a quarter of what hearing aids would normally cost.

The program was developed by BHA and Clarity Hearing + Balance to increase access to hearing loss treatment for those people with clinical needs who would not normally be covered by existing programs like the Government’s Hearing Services Program or the NDIS.

BHA and Clarity have expanded the eligibility requirements to include farmers and their partners whose property is in a drought declared area of Queensland.

In times of struggle individual priorities, like health and well-being, often take a backseat to ensuring crops and livestock make it through the tough times. But research shows that untreated hearing loss can have a great impact on mental health as well. This impact can be even greater during times of stress.

‘Our aim has always been to reach and support as many people dealing with hearing loss as possible. By partnering with Clarity we are able to provide concrete, on the ground support in many rural and remote communities we would not otherwise be able to reach, Mr Tony Whelan, President of Better Hearing Australia said.

Grant Collins, owner and Principal Audiologist at Clarity Hearing + Balance, stated: ‘As a Charleville boy born and bred I have a strong connection to Queensland rural community. This program is only one small effort to help our farmers in this time of need, but we hope it can help lessen the burden for some of those needing an extra hand during this time.’

Clarity Hearing + Balance travel to centres throughout Queensland on a regular basis. To check eligibility phone 1300′ 252 748.

If you have hearing aids floating around which are no longer in use, these can be donated to the program at any of our clinics or posted to BHA Hearing Access Program, PO Box 3808, Hermit Q 4812


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