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News: The latest hearing products roundup

The latest hearing products roundup

The latest hearing products roundup

23/03/2017 - Hearing Aids, Implants, Technology, Treatment

It’s been a busy period with product updates from a variety of manufacturers. Here’s a roundup of some of the new technologies and aids available from Clarity Hearing Solutions.

Unitron Moxi Fit R – rechargeable hearing aid

Unitron has released their new Tempus platform, which will be the platform most of their hearing aids will come on. Along with Tempus they also released the Moxi Fit R rechargeable hearing aid, which they bill as the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid. Packaged in award-winning design the Moxi Fit R, and the required Moxi Fit recharging station is a good-looking pair of products.

One clever thing Unitron have done is make the rechargeable battery swappable. So, if you are out and about and you lose charge but don’t have access to your charger, you can swap out the rechargeable battery for a standard battery. This also makes all standard Moxi Fits retrofittable to recharging ones as well.

Unitron also extended their range in the Moxi Now hearing aid model, adding two new lower priced models. The Moxi Now is billed as the smallest wireless RIC in the world based on exterior dimensions compared to other products in its class.

Phonak Bolero B-PR rechargable

Not to be left behind, Phonak have released their B, or Belong, platform as well as their rechargeable option, the Bolero B-PR. Like the Moxi Fit R, the Bolero B-PR is recharged using inductive charging and can last up to 24 hours on a single 3-hour charge. Unlike the Moxi Fit R, however, the Bolero uses a built-in lithium-ion battery, which means if you are on the road and have forgotten your charger, you can’t just swap in a standard battery. It does mean however that the battery charges quickly and Phonak have several charging options available.

Titanium hearing aids!

Phonak have also released what we believe to be the first custom hearing aid made from titanium! These are the kind of hearing aids Wolverine would wear. The new Virto B-Titanium models are super discreet custom-made IIC or CIC hearing aids moulded to fit your ears. Because titanium is so strong, but also very light, the titanium hearing aid shell is half the thickness of standard acrylic shells. This means you can fit more tech in a smaller space and the new Virto B-Titanium is 26% smaller than it’s predecessor.

A new platform for Widex

Widex is our third manufacturer who have released a new platform, Beyond, delivered on their Unique model of hearing aids. Beyond introduces made-for-iPhone technology allowing you to adjust settings and design personal programs for different environments. You can adjust your left and right volume, equaliser gain in low, mid and high frequency bands, adjust the streaming and hearing aid sound level mix, and select the directionality of the microphones.

What we like is a little function on the iPhone app called ‘Find my hearing aids’. That could come in handy.

And more…

GN Resound have released a smaller version of their Mini BTE Linx2. It also includes iOS compatibility to allow you to stream directly from your iPhone or iPad as well as an app to make adjustments yourself.

Cochlear released the Kanso, a new off-the-ear sound processor which is discreet, easy to use and uses Cochlear’s Nucleus 6 technology. Cochlear state it’s the smallest and lightest off-the-ear processor available.

The Opn was released late last year with great fanfare by Oticon. The Opn’s processor speed is 50 times faster than its predecessor and, like others in this roundup, iPhone compatibility is included.  With the Opn you can check battery level, switch programs, adjust volume on your phone or stream music or movies. Oticon have recently released another two models in the Opn range at lower price points.

Finally, in this roundup, Signia have released their Telecare application which connects you with your audiologist allowing us to monitor your progress, view feedback, chat and fine tune your aids remotely. You get listening exercises, guided assistance and more including a remote-control function.

Clarity can provide any technology or hearing aid from any of these manufacturers or others, to ensure we address your specific hearing loss. If you, or someone you know, is suffering from hearing loss make an appointment today for a comprehensive assessment and a discussion of what solutions would suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

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Main image courtesy of Cochlear Limited © 2017


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