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News: Lisa’s story told by Phonak

Lisa’s story told by Phonak
Lisa got her life back with Phonak hearing devices

Lisa’s story told by Phonak

22/08/2016 - Hearing Aids, Treatment

Phonak launches new ad during Hearing Awareness Week

It’s Hearing Awareness Week this week (August 21), which gives us an opportunity to highlight the challenges faced by people with hearing difficulties and the amazing hearing solutions available to people with hearing loss.

One of our hearing aid providers have created an ad airing on TV this week that will help highlight the personal journey of a person with hearing loss.

Phonak has wonderfully captured the story of Lisa whose life had been transformed through the use of a hearing aid from an early age.
Lisa, while born with full hearing, had developed single-sided deafness by age of 4 and was deaf in both ears by the age of 8.

Through the support of her family and the use of a Phonak hearing device Lisa has been able to overcome the challenges faced by her hearing loss and ‘get her life back’.

Watch the full add below. If you would like to talk to someone about Phonak solutions for your hearing concerns, contact Clarity Hearing Solutions today.

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