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News: Medel’s Sticky Solution

Medel’s Sticky Solution

Medel’s Sticky Solution

10/08/2017 - Hearing Aids, Hearing loss, Implants, Treatment

When it comes to bone conduction hearing aids, implant manufacturer Medel have brought a new sticky solution to market.

In the past bone conduction systems either needed to be implanted or worked by applying high pressure onto the skin and through to the bone via an elastic head band or other means.

Medel has solved this problem quite uniquely using adhesives with their new Adhear. No surgery or high pressure needed.

Check out the video below.

If you have a unilateral or bilateral conductive hearing loss this may be a solution for you. We haven’t had our hands on this system yet but we expect it to land in Australia in September. But we are interested in this non-surgical solution for this type of hearing loss and will evaluate it as soon as we can.

It appears costs will be on par with our premium hearing aid range which is to be expected.


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