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News: What mum really wants!

What mum really wants!

What mum really wants!

23/04/2017 - Hearing Aids, Hearing loss, Treatment

NOTE: The Advertising Standards Bureau received a complaint when this ad was shown. Please see our response here.

Hearing loss and family frustration

We decided to make this clip because it’s important to realise that it’s not just the person with hearing loss who suffers from the disorder. The people around them, their family and friends, can also end up suffering due to the frustrations of not being heard or understood.

Spontaneity of conversation can be impacted as flows of conversation come to a halt when someone doesn’t hear or understand what’s being said. In the long run this can lead to a breakdown of communication with loved ones, friends and family. Eventually this could lead to more than just a breakdown in communication, but also a breakdown of the relationship.

Act before it’s too late

Early intervention is always advised when it comes to hearing loss. The sooner you address the degradation of your hearing the less severe the loss will be over time (and let’s face it, we know that almost 50% of 50 years olds will suffer from some form of hearing loss).

These days treatment is quick and easy. You can usually be fitted with advanced, barely visible hearing aids the same day as your assessment. It surprises many how much they have been missing when they finally get their hearing back to normal levels. And your family will thank you too.

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