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News: NDIS, Townsville and the Floods

NDIS, Townsville and the Floods

NDIS, Townsville and the Floods

12/02/2019 - Hearing Aids, Insurance

NDIS arrangements for devices affected by the flood

As we know Townsville has been flooded to a catastrophic level and it will take a long time to get things back to normal.

The NDIA has now released some information for NDIS participants relating to any assistive technology affected by the flood.

Please see below a message from the Townsville NDIA team regarding flood-damaged equipment:

We cannot express how sorry we are about the recent tragic events in Townsville that have affected us all deeply and we hope that this note finds you and your loved ones safe.

Our priority is to ensure that we assist any participants feeling the impact of this disaster and we will work to help where we can.  With participants who have assistive technology that has been damaged during this period, please find following some information and guidance for submitting requests for assistance.

  • We would ask that if participants have contents insurance that they discuss the possibility of repairs or replacement with their Insurance company first.
  • For participants who are not covered by insurance, the NDIS will fund repairs (should be explored first), or like for like replacement if necessary.  If you are requesting ‘like for like’ replacement, we do not require an AT Assessment template to be completed; we would just ask that you submit a quote. If changes are to be made to the prescription of the equipment, then you will need to follow the AT Assessment process and we will attempt to expedite these requests upon receipt.
  • Please be advised many plans may already have rental or other not stated funding that can be used through their AT budget for rental or they can use Core-Consumables Daily Adaptive Equipment funding for urgent rentals.
  • The NDIS will also provide equipment rental funding if necessary and a quote only is required to be submitted.
  • For participants who do not currently have repairs or rental funding in their plans, a request can be submitted for this to be reviewed.
  • For participants who have enquiries regarding home modifications conducted by the NDIA we would ask that they contact the Agency directly.
  • Please be assured that we will provide prompt reply to any of the above requests to ensure our participants are not further disadvantaged during this time.


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