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Beltone Imagine 9 M&RIE

Retail: $1,895.00

OHS: 1195.00

Product is available in either size 312 or size 13 battery

Sound Tailored To Every Individual
No two ears are alike. Because of this, every person processes sounds differently. Beltone Imagine took this into account and created the only RIE hearing aid that truly delivers sound how we naturally hear it. The new M&RIE feature works with the shape and contours of each individual ear to provide tailored sound, which gives users the best sound quality yet and helps them easily detect where the sound is coming from.

The groundbreaking M&RIE design places a third microphone (3) inside the ear canal as a combined part of the receiver. Additionally, two traditional microphones are positioned on top of the hearing aid (1&2).

By placing the microphone in the ear, it is protected from wind noise, resulting in a better outdoor listening experience and reduction in wind noise of 15 dB, without reducing the hearing aid gain.

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The price listed is the individual device price.

Clarity Hearing Solutions does not bundle a set clinical fee into the costs of our hearing aids giving you complete transparency of hearing aid costs and our fees. Clinical fees for comprehensive hearing tests and assessments, diagnosis, fitting and any ongoing rehabilitation are outlined below.

A new patient, from a first visit to follow up visits, takes on average 90 minutes (over 2-3 visits) to fit a pair of hearing aids, provide rehabilitation and fine-tune the hearing aids eg:

  • First Appointment: Comprehensive Test and Options: $150
  • Fitting of one or two aids: $150 (at first or second appointment)
  • Follow-up (Adjustment/Tuning/Report): $150
  • Any further Adjustments: $75-$150

NOTE: Office of Hearing Services Program (OHSP) eligible patients will only pay the OHS price listed above for the device, all assessment, fitting and follow-up appointments.

Patients with complex hearing needs who require ongoing follow-ups can choose the option of including 1, 3 or 5+ year ClarityCare Packs with their hearing aids. The ClarityCare Packs include all assessment, fitting and adjustment appointments and more for the duration of the pack.

  • 1 year ClarityCare Pack – $595 per aid/$995 for two aids
  • 3 year ClarityCare Pack – $995 per aid/$1,895 for two aids
  • Lifetime ClarityCare Pack (5+ years) – $1,295 per aid/$2,395 for two aids

See our pricing page for full details. ClarityCare Packs include all audiological services and consultations, including your initial assessment and fitting appointments plus more.

All consults, tests, assessments and fittings are performed by one of our fully qualified audiologists at one of our 30+ Queensland clinics and come risk-free with our 60-day device money-back guarantee.

OHS/Hearing Services Program Voucher Pricing for Pensioners, DVA White Card (with Hearing) and Gold Card holders and others

Subsidised pricing (listed as OHS above) is available to eligible pensioners, DVA White Card and Gold Card holders and others under the Office of Hearing Services Program if fitted by Clarity, and includes all clinical appointments including assessments, fitting and adjustments as funded by the Office of Hearing Services. Find out more.

Standard Inclusions

  • 60-day device satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • 3-year full warranty
  • 5-year repair guarantee on OHS listed devices (minimum)
  • 1-year half-price replacement guarantee against accidental loss or damage

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