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BHC 202 Self-Fitting Hearing Device

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The BHC202 is a personal sound amplifier, not a hearing aid. Like all personal amplifiers, this means that it is a one size fits all device with limited adjustments available. This makes it suitable for initial mild hearing loss to assist in those situations where you just need a little more sound in your life. Be aware though that your hearing loss deteriorates over time and there will come a point when you may require proper hearing aids.

While some providers will sell personal amplifiers without an assessment, at Clarity we do recommend assessing your hearing before providing any hearing device. This is to ensure that the device is audiologically appropriate for your hearing needs and the outcomes achieved are congruent with the assessment results.

As this is an over the counter hearing amplifier and not a hearing aid, while there is a 1 year warranty on the product, sales are final and no refunds are offered. If you do wish to return the BHC202 we can credit the costs towards hearing aids.

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