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Phonak Serenity Choice Motorsport

Retail: $45.00


Noise levels in a motorcycle helmet at 100 kmh are typically 95-105
dB. This is far above the widely accepted safe noise exposure level
of 85 dB, meaning you have between 15 minutes and 2 hours of
riding before you risk tinnitus or other noise induced hearing loss
symptoms. Serenity Choice Motorsport reduces wind noise down
to safe levels, which means you can concentrate on the road.
Designed to fit into the ear without catching the helmet liner,
Serenity Choice Motorsport is a discreet, reusable, universal-fit
hearing protector for helmet-generated noise, reducing it to safe levels yet still allowing speech
to be heard from intercom speakers. The product provides an open-air passage to the ear,
minimising occlusion effect while keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

Product specific benefits
• A suitable fit is guaranteed: Small, medium and large ear tips in package with extra
large size available on request.
• Hygienic: Acoustic filters are fitted with advanced mesh technology.
They ensure that your ears remain well ventilated at all times.
• Hypoallergenic: Ear tips are made from medical grade TPE.
• Value for money: Ear tips can be used multiple times.
• Natural: The wearer’s natural hearing is preserved, facilitating situational awareness.




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