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News: Risky Business: Untreated hearing loss in the workplace

Risky Business: Untreated hearing loss in the workplace

Risky Business: Untreated hearing loss in the workplace

05/07/2017 - Hearing Aids, Hearing loss, Industrial Deafness, Insurance, Treatment, Workcover

‘The thing about hearing loss is that no one can see it. Most people are so impatient they just assume that the person with hearing loss is being rude, or slow-witted’ – Marion Ross (Happy Days)

How long can you get away with ‘bluffing’? What do I mean by ‘bluffing’? How long can you get away with a generic response or delayed reaction when a specific response or action is required?

At home you may be able to skate by (sometimes on thin ice mind you) as we tend to forgive our loved ones for their misdemeanours readily. In the workplace we don’t.

In the workplace if your responses or actions aren’t what’s expected from the request or instructions given, at best people will start to question your abilities. At worst it can mean a bad outcome for a client or your business as a whole, or you could be endangering yourself or your colleagues.

Work can be stressful enough without adding extra stress trying to decipher what’s being said. This can be particularly challenging in meetings or loud industrial workplaces when other conversations or noises hamper your ability to understand what’s being said. So much of what is said in a meeting or negotiation is not about the words themselves, but the inflection with which they are said. Fail to recognise that and you may miss the true intent of what’s being said.

Holders of commercial vehicle licenses and workers at most mine sites must legally wear any prescribed hearing devices. I have personally heard many tragic stories of near misses and fatalities on site where people weren’t wearing corrective devices.

In business we bluff to retain a semblance of credibility and capability when our ability to interpret what we hear is reduced. It’s a natural reaction which we hone over many years, irrespective of whether we suffer from hearing loss or not. But when it becomes a daily occurrence we can be left exposed and humiliated.

These days there’s no need to bluff. Treatment for hearing loss has advanced dramatically. Gone are the bulky old beige aids from your grandfather’s day. Now we have solutions like embedded hearing aids that are completely invisible. Or tiny hearing aids that connect to your iPhone or the Internet giving you more control and connectivity. These are smart devices that enhance your performance and add to your credibility, not detract from it.

Treating hearing loss can improve social, psychological and emotional well-being. If you need to be at the top of your game you must be in your best capable condition. Most importantly, you are not alone. In Australia people take on average seven years to address their hearing loss. That’s seven years of not functioning at your peak.

If you suspect hearing loss, or your loved ones suspect it, contact us today to ensure you stay at the top of your game.

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