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News: There’s no need to spend what you can’t afford on hearing aids…

There’s no need to spend what you can’t afford on hearing aids…

There’s no need to spend what you can’t afford on hearing aids…

05/07/2017 - Audiologists, Ethics, Hearing Aids, Treatment

Hearing aids should give you back a world of sound…
not cost you the Earth.

While there are certainly some remarkably prices being charged in some hearing aid clinics, the fact is price is not usually a factor in hearing outcomes. What do we mean by this? Most entry-level and intermediate priced hearing aids are as good at treating your hearing loss as premium, expensive models.

It’s like buying a car to get from point A to point B. You can buy a Commodore or you can buy a Mercedes. You will still get from A to B efficiently. Yes, the Mercedes may have heated leather seats, metallic paint, LED headlights and other luxuries, but it is no better at getting you from A to B than the Commodore.

The other factor in the expense of hearing aids is what each clinic bundles with them. The price you pay at some clinics is not just for the hearing aid. It can also include years of clinical appointments you will never use.

How do some people save thousands on hearing aids?

Take a look at the following example based on actual experiences at Clarity Hearing Solutions.

Brian paid $6,000 for the latest top of the range hearing aid through another provider.

Barry wanted the same hearing aid as Brian, but at Clarity he paid only $3,495 for the exact same device because we believe hearing health should be as affordable as possible. We try to keep our hearing aid prices as close to wholesale prices and we don’t bundle in needless appointments that Barry won’t use.

Barry also chose to pay as you go for his clinical visits at Clarity, like you would with your GP or physio, which for most people is the best way to go.

Some people may have complex hearing needs and may need more than the usual number of appointments. We recognise that and provide ClarityCare packs for those that want security of knowing what their costs will be. They come in 1, 3 and 5+ year packs and include all your assessment, fitting and ongoing adjustment and rehabilitation appointments. But even if Barry had chosen our 5 year ClarityCare pack at a cost of $1,195 he would still be paying a lot less at Clarity for his hearing loss treatment than Brian did. The 1 year ClarityCare pack is just $495 and includes your initial assessment, fitting and all ongoing adjustment and rehabilitation appointments for the first year.

Then there’s Carol. Carol paid $795 for a different hearing aid recommended by Clarity, but got the same hearing outcome as Brian and Barry. Carol got the Commodore and paid $300 clinical fees to get assessed and fitted in her first appointment with Clarity. Carol was very happy with the hearing outcome she achieved.

It gets better

If Carol was an eligible pensioner, DVA cardholder or other eligible recipient, she would have received her hearing aids and all hearing services free of charge funded by the Federal Government. The Government provides fully funded hearing services to various groups including those mentioned. The devices that are included as part of the fully funded options are latest release devices. They may not have all the luxuries but the Government ensures that all devices on the schedule can address a person’s hearing loss and will be supported for at least 5 years.

Now we have had patients come in and say the funded aids someone else prescribed for them just didn’t work. But when we investigate we find that they were simply not the right device for their hearing loss or just poorly fitted and adjusted. That’s why one of the most important things to consider when addressing hearing loss is to ensure you are expertly assessed and diagnosed and that the hearing aids are fitted properly to your loss.

It pays to compare hearing aid prices

The fact is that there is such discrepancy in terms of pricing between hearing aid clinics. The best piece of advice is compare what you are getting. Debbie and Bill could have saved thousands after being if they had compared their quote before buying. Read their story here.

Why Clarity?

With no sales targets or commissions, Clarity’s Masters level audiologists are only focused on accurately diagnosing and treating your hearing loss, not selling you a hearing aid.

Before you’re asked to make a decision we present you with a range of options suitable for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

As Independent Audiologists we use all brands of hearing aids to ensure we best fit your needs, not try and shoehorn you into one manufacturer’s devices.

That means we’ll only recommend what you need to address your hearing loss – and you can get back to enjoying your life in full.

If you are considering hearing aids, talk to Clarity for a first or second expert opinion. Or if you have already received a quote, compare your pricing with Clarity now.

And don’t forget our latest technology, advanced hearing aids, hearing aid reviews and tests free for eligible pensioners, DVA card holders. NDIS participants, once assessed and found eligible, get advanced hearing aids and ongoing treatment funded as well.

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On average, a person with hearing loss in Australia waits seven years before they start addressing that loss. That’s seven long years of not operating at their peak and frustrating family and coworkers at the same time. The best time to act is now. The sonner hearing loss is assessed and addressed, the better the long term outcome for the patient.

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Models used. Based on quote obtained October 2016.

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