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Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep

Retail: $45.00


A moderate snorer reaches 50-60 dB, whilst severe snoring can
hit 90 dB. To put that in perspective, a car horn is around 90
dB! Serenity Choice Sleep reduces the sound level by 24 dB,
eliminating or reducing sound to a non-intrusive level.
Serenity Choice Sleep is designed to allow air to enter the ear.
This has two advantages over competing products:
– Limits or stops that uncomfortable ‘hot’ irritation feeling in
the ear.
– Helps reduce the sensation of hearing your own pulse, caused by the restriction of blood
flow in the ear; particularly noticeable when laying on your side.

Product specific benefits
• A suitable fit is guaranteed: Small, medium and large ear tips in package with extra
large size available on request.
• Hygienic: Acoustic filters are fitted with advanced mesh technology.
They ensure that your ears remain well ventilated at all times.
• Hypoallergenic: Ear tips are made from medical grade TPE.
• Value for money: Ear tips can be used multiple times.
• Natural: The wearer’s natural hearing is preserved, facilitating situational awareness.




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