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Implant pricing

Implant technology can be affordable!

The biggest deterrent for adults that may benefit from a Cochlear Implant or other Implantable technology is the perception that they are unaffordable.

A Cochlear implant and processor can cost up to $30,000 and Bone Anchored hearing aids $10,000.

Private health cover and Medicare to the rescue.

At Clarity Hearing Solutions we are proud to be able to facilitate the uptake by using a combination of private health insurance and Medicare to fully cover this amount.

So if you have private health insurance, from just basic hospital cover, all the costs of the implant and processor can be covered. Furthermore we do not charge for any Cochlear Implant/Bone services with all mapping consultations Medicare bulk-billed.

The majority of the surgical costs are also covered by this, however any gaps can be dependent on your private health insurance and the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists billing techniques. On average we find that this equates to a couple of hundred dollars.

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