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Hearing Tests & Diagnostic Audiology Services

Friendly, experienced audiologists

Established in 2008, Clarity offers friendly, professional and experienced comprehensive hearing tests and full-service diagnostic audiology services throughout Queensland.

Clarity provides a complete range of audiology tests, assessments, products and services in a no-pressure environment.

Advice you can trust

Our accredited, fully qualified, Masters educated audiologists are trained in a wide array of diagnostic tools to ensure you get the best hearing solution for you.

They will professionally assess your hearing and provide relevant advice and device prescription options. They will only make recommendations where there is medical evidence to show that the recommended device or service will provide you with a hearing benefit.

Your hearing is one of your major senses. It pays to look after and protect it to the best of your ability, and the moment you recognise that you might be having hearing difficulties is the best time to get any issues identified.

A full range of audiology services

Clarity can assist with all types of audiology services including:

Audiologists throughout Queensland

Clarity offer our huge range of services throughout Queensland via our extensive clinic network.

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