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Sunnybank Audiologists – Hearing aids and hearing tests

Sunnybank Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests, Assessments, Reviews and Audiology

Clarity brings its full range of audiology and hearing services to Sunnybank Hills.

Sunnybank services

Clarity provide a full range of hearing health services to residents of Sunnybank Hills and surroundings including:

Sunnybank location

You can find us at

Sunnybank Hills General Practice
538 Compton Road
Sunnybank Hills QLD 4152

Sunnybank Hills General Practice is opposite the 7-Eleven petrol station. Access the carpark from Gowan Road southbound. There are bus stops just outside.


Our fully qualified expert audiologists visit Sunnybank Hills regularly to ensure all your audiological needs are met. Request a booking today to arrange your appointment.


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