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Hearing tests

A hearing test is the first step to enjoying more of life

Hearing tests aren’t all the same

Let’s clarify the difference between a hearing test and a hearing screen.

A hearing screen is a simple test (usually called a beep test) that tests the lowest limits of sounds you can hear in each ear. It’s a very simple test and you can conduct that test yourself.

There are plenty of websites and even smartphone apps that let you screen your hearing in the comfort of your own home. You just need a pair of headphones and a quiet room.

Clarity provide our own online hearing screen and there’s a link at the bottom of this page to try it.

A lot of clinics will offer a free “test” which is only a screen, and if you need further testing you will then be charged for the proper test.

If you do take up the offer of a free screen you need to be aware that many are commonly conducted in environments that are noisier than a clinical consult room and with equipment that may or may not be accurately calibrated or suitable for the screening. This means you can get a highly inaccurate result that may:

  • Alarm you unnecessarily
  • Not accurately detect any presence of hearing loss
  • Lead you to seek further assessments or hearing aids that you may not need

That’s why we always recommend a comprehensive hearing test so you can get an accurate diagnosis and feel secure in your hearing loss diagnosis.

Why a comprehensive hearing test? 

A proper comprehensive hearing test for rehabilitation purposes takes up to an hour to complete by a qualified audiologist.

A rehabilitation assessment should test, not just hearing loss, but also how well you currently hear speech both in quiet environments and in background noise.

Importantly, it should also test if there’s is any improvement to your hearing with amplification.

This helps determine if hearing aids will provide any benefit to you, and they may not. If they do, these tests will help determine the styles and features of hearing aids best suited for your needs.

Clarity’s hearing test includes the following:

  • Otoscopy: evaluation of the ear canal, tympanic membrane and the middle ear. 
  • Cerumen (wax) removal if present
  • Air and bone conduction audiometry: testing of your hearing using both headphones for air conduction and oscillator attached to the head for bone conduction
  • Speech audiometry: testing your ability to hear and understand speech
  • Full immittance measures including Acoustic Reflex testing and Tympanometry: Testing the ear’s response to loud noises and applying slight air pressure in the ear canal to test the movement of the middle ear
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) (if required): testing sounds emitting from the cochlear
  • Clarity will also include a vestibular screen free of charge if there is an indication of vestibular or balance issues.

This comprehensive test, along with a discussion of your home, work and active life allow us to prescribe the very best solution for you.

What hearing aids will I need?

The solution or rehabilitation may not even include hearing aids if testing shows you get no real benefit from amplification.

 If you do need hearing aids we will recommend devices across all price points, including advanced, virtually invisible devices free to eligible pensioners.

You should also know that if you have a severe hearing loss, don’t let a clinic tell you that you’ll need top of the range hearing aids to help address it. If your hearing loss is indeed severe, the features and benefits in those top-level, high priced devices, will have no significant benefit for your hearing as you won’t be able to detect any benefit they may bring.

Standard level hearing aids can provide the most powerful amplification available. You don’t need top of the range for that.

At Clarity, our aim is quite simply to provide you with the best hearing solution for you, at the best possible price.

If you, or someone you care for, would like to get to the bottom of any hearing issues, contact Clarity today for hearing advice you can trust.

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Try our online hearing screen

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