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News: The Oticon Opn S – the latest hearing aid from Oticon

The Oticon Opn S – the latest hearing aid from Oticon

The Oticon Opn S – the latest hearing aid from Oticon

08/07/2019 - Hearing Aids

Two years ago, leading Danish hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, launched the Oticon Opn™ device. The Oticon Opn heralded a new level of connectivity for hearing aid wearers. Oticon has now released the latest iteration of the Opn, the Oticon Opn S™.

We thought we’d revisit the benefits and features this device brings to the table. We’ll also cover off on pricing and the styles available.

As always, the suitability of the Opn S hearing aid for any specific hearing loss can only be ascertained after a comprehensive assessment.

What’s new in the Oticon Opn S?

The update to the Opn S is primarily in the chip used for sound-processing. Oticon’s Velox platform has now been updated to the Velox S™ platform — a new chip from Oticon. So what’s the difference between the chips?

Manufacturers make a lot of claims about how their devices help you hear in various environments. Oticon is no different and commissions their own research to support their claims.

Their biggest claim is that the new Velox S chip is faster than the older version. This should mean that the device will process input sounds faster than the previous device. This means the device will be able to adjust more quickly to different environmental noises.

One claim they make is a reduction in feedback issues. Feedback is the high-pitched whistle or static noise that can occur when sound from the hearing aid escapes from the ear and is reamplified again and again. It can happen when something covers your hearing aid, like cupping it or when hugging someone and they bring their head close to yours.

Technology in the Velox S chip detects and stops feedback even before it occurs. Now you can give someone you love a tight hug, without worrying about whistling sounds from your hearing aids.

The Opn S also gives you what Oticon calls BrainHearing benefits including:

  • Reducing listening effort
  • Remembering more of what is being said
  • Better speech understanding
  • Improving the ability to follow conversations with multiple speakers

Here at Clarity we are always careful when spruiking the supposed benefits claimed by the manufacturer. In this case, Oticon supports their statements with a White Paper prepared by Josefine Juul Jensen, a Clinical Research Audiologist for Oticon’s own Centre for Applied Audiology Research.

You can download and read the White Paper here.

What are the biggest features of the Oticon Opn S?

So apart from a faster chip and better sound than previous iterations of Oticon devices, what else is in the new Opn S.

oticon opn s rechargerRechargeability

Two years ago, rechargeability was the new kid on the block and most manufacturers were using the ZPower recharging system for their devices. Oticon was the same and used the ZPower system, which used a silver-zinc micro-battery system, for their devices.

In the latest iteration of their device they have moved to lithium-ion technology. This means the rechargeable battery is now built-in and not replaceable by the user. Lithium-ion technology is a proven technology – you’ll find it in your smartphone and the new wave of electric vehicles – and has proven its reliability over time.

Your Oticon Opn S boasts several rechargeability improvements including:

  • Super-fast three-hour charging time for up to a full day of hearing (this will, of course, depend on how much streaming you do!)
  • Quick recharge – 30 minutes for an additional six hours of power
  • Contact-free and reliable, inductive charging

IFTTT Integration

Everyone is talking about “smart homes” and Oticon are looking at being part of that in a big way. Oticon have integrated IFTTT actions into their Oticon Smartphone app which can trigger certain actions depending on certain events.

“If This Then That” is a third-party service that automates how your hearing aids, home devices, apps, and websites work with each other through rules (or “recipes”).

So what can you do with IFTTT and the Opn S devices?

It really comes down to you and the smart devices you have in your home. There is a whole list of recipes online at IFTTT and you can create your own as well. Some handy actions include:

  • Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to change your hearing aid program
  • Get an email or phone notification when your battery is running low
  • Get a spoken notification when your smart appliances finish their cycle (eg dishwasher or washing machine – you will need the optional ConnectClip for spoken notifications from Android, but iOS will stream direct)
  • Get notified via your hearing aids when you receive an SMS
  • and more

Hands-free phone calls

With the optional ConnectClip, you can make hands-free calls with iPhone®, Android™ or any other modern smartphone. ConnectClip will transmit the caller’s voice to your hearing aids, while the built-in microphone in the ConnectClip transmits your voice to the caller.

Stream music in high-quality stereo

With the Oticon Opn S you can stream music directly from iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® so your hearing aids essentially become wireless headphones.

For any other modern smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device you can stream using the wireless ConnectClip.

Stream sound from your TV

With the optional Oticon TV Adapter you can stream sound directly from your TV to your hearing devices. If you have trouble at the moment hearing voices and more on the TV this could be of help to you.

Tinnitus Relief

The Opn S uses Oticon’s SoundSupport™ to play tinnitus relief sounds. It might sound counterintuitive, adding sounds to the sound you already hear has shown to be an effective way to manage tinnitus in many cases.

Oticon’s SoundSupport has the ability to play different selectable sounds to help you move your focus away from your tinnitus to other sounds. This has shown to decrease the annoyance of tinnitus.

By using the Oticon ON app you can adjust your tinnitus relief sounds easily and discreetly.

Your choice of hearing aid styles

The Opn S is available in four different hearing aid styles:

  • the small and discreet miniRITE
  • the rechargeable miniRITE R
  • the miniRITE T featuring a telecoil, and
  • the powerful BTE PP.

The Opn S is not yet available in custom styles but we don’t expect it will be long before they are.

oticon opn s hearing aid styles

What is the price of the Oticon Opn S?

At Clarity we are always transparent with pricing and we try to keep our pricing as low as possible. Our focus is on providing you with unbiased, independent advice.  If the Opn S hearing aids are indeed suitable for your hearing loss and they fit your lifestyle and your budget, you can find our latest pricing on our online catalogue.

To see the latest Oticon Opn and Opn S prices, click here.

If you would like to talk to us more about the Opn S, just request a callback using the button below or call 1300 252 748


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