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What causes Auditory Processing Disorder?

What causes CAPD?

No-one is quite sure about what causes CAPD in children. For adults, it can be related to a sensorineural hearing loss.

We do know that the brain’s neural pathways are involved and this is where research is focused.

It has been speculated that chronic ear infections may be the cause of CAPD, but studies have shown that people who have never had an ear infection can still suffer from CAPD.

Other studies have linked factors including premature birth or low birth weight, head trauma and even lead poisoning. At this stage there is no consensus for the actual cause.

What we do know is that the task of hearing, discerning and interpreting sounds is a very complicated process involving many neural pathways and distinct areas of the brain. Issues with either the pathways or the brain could potentially affect a person’s ability to process sounds correctly and turn those sounds into recognisable speech.

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