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Hearing aid pricing

Our unique policy: open and transparent pricing

At Clarity Hearing Solutions we believe in open and transparent pricing so you are aware of the costs involved in both the hearing device used to treat your hearing loss (hearing aids, Lyric, Cochlear and other implantable devices) and the clinical time and skills of our Audiologists required to accurately diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your hearing loss. A detailed written quote for both hearing aids and appointment time required is provided for all our patients to ensure this transparency.

What is unbundling?

We unbundle the hearing device and the services and offer treatment package options for you to choose from. This means you simply purchase your hearing aid for a close to wholesale list price then choose the treatment option (see below) that suits your needs.

Our margins

Our margins are the same across all hearing device ranges as it’s the clinical fee for our expertise and time that covers our costs, not the sale of hearing aids. This ensures there is no incentive to recommend anything other than what suits your needs.

Here to support you

Some companies dispense hearing aids at affordable prices comparable to ours. We have found they often sell their clinics after a short period of time leaving you without any service or support. Clarity Hearing Solutions have been practicing since 2008 and we are committed to delivering affordable, equitable solutions, and long-term ongoing services and support to our patients. We do this by having a diverse portfolio of Audiological services other than just hearing aids including Cochlear Implants, Vestibular/Balance assessments and rehabilitation, Tinnitus rehabilitation, Central Auditory Processing assessment and rehabilitation, Paediatric Audiology, Indigenous and remote Audiology, to name a few.

Our treatment options

Our accompanying treatment options are as follows:

Option 1: Hearing aid purchase only – $150 per 30 mins consultation

  • You purchase the hearing aid on its own (search and see hearing aid model pricing here) and pay per consultation to receive the treatment associated with the device. This is the cheapest option and best suits experienced hearing aid wearers who may require few consultations. It is also good for those that may have lost their hearing aid and are just looking for a replacement without any consultations. Our time is billed at $150 per 30 minute consultation interval and we do require a minimum of 30 mins to fit hearing aids and provide rehabilitation. A new patient, from a first visit to follow up visits, takes on average 90 minutes (over 2-3 visits) to fit a pair of hearing aids, provide rehabilitation and fine tune the hearing aids. eg:
    • First Appointment: Comprehensive Assessment and Options: $150
    • Fitting of one or two aids: $150
    • Follow-up (Adjustment/Tuning/Report): $150
    • Any further Adjustments: $75-$150

Option 2: 1 year ClarityCare Pack – $595 for one aid/$995 for two aids

  • 12 month option where all audiological services and consultations are fully covered and unlimited for the first year, including your initial assessment and fitting appointments. A good option to go for as the majority of treatment and fine tuning of hearing aids is done in the first 12 months. After 12 months you pay per consultation or you can renew your treatment program for another 12 months or more. Bundled packages are better for those with more complicated hearing needs or first time wearers who want the security of knowing they can come back as much as they want to receive treatment.

Option 3: 3 year ClarityCare Pack – $995 for one aid/$1,895 for two aids

  • 36 month option where all audiological services and consultation are fully covered and unlimited for 3 years, including your initial assessment, fitting appointments and annual reviews. A good middle of the road option if you upgrade your hearing aids frequently or have reasonably complicated hearing needs

Option 4: Lifetime ClarityCare Pack (5+ years) – $1,295 for one aid/$2,395 for two aids

  • A lifetime option where all your treatment is covered for the life of the hearing aids, including your initial assessment and fitting appointments and annual reviews. All government accredited hearing aids must have a minimum lifetime of 5 years so this is the minimum life of these hearing aids. However with current improvements in waterproofing and dust-proofing, devices are expected to last a lot longer than this. Lifetime packages are a great risk free option for those with complicated hearing needs that may require regular and frequent ongoing Audiological consultations.

We also allow the flexibility to move between packages, so if you start out as a per consultation and your needs are such that you are better suited to a rehabilitation program, then you can move across to this option at any stage.

Our ClarityCare Pack inclusions

Our ClarityCare Packs include the following services. Note that tests and procedures will vary depending on need.


  • Initial personalised comprehensive hearing rehabilitation program by an accredited audiologist includes: thorough full rehabilitative case history, otoscopy,  tympanometry, reflex pattern testing, Otoacoustic emissions, full air and bone audiometry, speech audiometry, auditory processing assessment,  COSI evaluation (Client Orientated Scale of Improvement hearing assessment)
  • Annual audiological assessments and rehabilitation program review by an accredited audiologist includes (for 3 and 5+ year ClarityCare Packs only): full rehabilitative case history, otoscopy, tympanometry, reflex pattern testing, Otoacoustic emissions, full air and bone audiometry, speech audiometry, auditory processing assessment,  hearing aid adjustments, full service of hearing aids, aided assessments if required, COSI evaluation (Client Orientated Scale of Improvement hearing assessment)
  • Employment medical audiological assessments with hearing aids in situ includes: otoscopy, real-ear measure and/or aided threshold freefield audiometry, full air and bone audiometry, speech audiometry, and a full report by an accredited Audiologist (including Coal Board, Queensland Transport commercial licencing, CASA and any other medicals)
  • Full medical and independent medico-legal audiological assessments and report by an accredited audiologist includes: full diagnostic case history, otoscopy, tympanometry, reflex pattern testing, Otoacoustic emissions, full air and bone audiometry, speech audiometry, Percentage loss of hearing evaluation, Degree of Permanent Impairment calculation

Treatment and Rehabilitation

  • Hearing aid fitting and full rehabilitation by an accredited Audiologist includes: initial hearing aid programming, real ear measures, bluetooth pairing, full rehabilitation treatment program
  • Hearing aid follow-up, fine-tuning and rehabilitation review by an accredited Audiologist includes:  follow up hearing aid programming, real ear measures, free-field audiometry, speech testing in quiet, speech testing in background noise, full rehabilitation treatment program review, COSI evaluation
  • Unlimited hearing aid adjustments and fine-tuning by an accredited Audiologist
  • Hearing aid adjustment follow-up appointments by an accredited Audiologist
  • Ear wax/foreign body removal and management by an accredited Audiologist
  • Full walk-in servicing of hearing aids including cleaning, receiver/tube replacing, housing change and Bluetooth pairing by audiology assistants or administration
  • Loan aids should devices need to be sent away for service

Standard inclusions for all devices

  • 60-day device satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • 3-year full warranty
  • 5-year repair guarantee on OHS listed devices (minimum)
  • 1-year half-price replacement guarantee against accidental loss or damage

What do hearing aids cost?

The below gives you an indication of hearing aid prices Clarity charges for different types and levels of hearing aids. Note that features can vary between manufacturers within each price range. You can find product specific pricing on our product page.

We also have many free, high quality, hearing aid options for OHSP eligible recipients including pensioners, DVA health card holders and NDIS participants.

As a guide, the following are the pricing Clarity charges for devices in different range bands. Remember, these are the exact same devices you will get from other providers from manufacturers including Bernafon, Starkey, Widex, Unitron, Sonic, Siemens Signia, Oticon, GN Resound and Phonak.

  • Basic: $200-$500 per ear 
  • Economy: $745-$1295 per ear
  • Mid-Range: $1295-$1995 per ear 
  • High-Range: $1795-$2795 per ear 
  • Premium Range: $2495-$4000 per ear
  • Lyric: $180 per ear per month (Lyric is a subscription-based model – read more here)