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Workplace solutions

The only audiology clinic in the state with the capacity to deliver the full breadth of audiological services your workplace needs where you need it.

Unlike most audiology clinics, our recommendations for audiological assessments, treatment and rehabilitation plans are based upon evidence-based practice methods.

We approach balance, tinnitus and hearing needs using scientific medical-based models with recommendations based upon clinical methodology and research and the strict ethical guidelines as set out by Audiology Australia.

Our specialist, fully qualified, fully insured audiologists focus on using the latest clinical methods and technology to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate balance, tinnitus or hearing issues.

Workplace hearing services

From basic pre-employment assessments to advanced objective assessments to detect malingering or damage to balance organs following acoustic shock incidents, all delivered to your workplace.

  • Workcover Medico-Legal Audiological assessments (accredited Workcover provider – GEPI) including Percentage Loss of Hearing (PLH) and Permanent Disability Index (DPI);
  • Objective non-behavioural Audiological test-battery assessments for those suspected of malingering or unable to respond (Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR), Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), Acoustic Reflex immittance measures);
  • Employment screenings including assessments with hearing aids or Cochlear Implants in situ;
  • Balance testing and treatment/rehabilitation pathways (Vertigo, Disequilibrium, and Dizziness);
  • Tinnitus/Acoustic Shock/Trauma assessment and rehabilitation;
  • Communication plug/devices, noise plugs, musician’s earplugs, swimming plugs, ear protection;
  • Comprehensive evidence-based hearing aid candidacy assessments and treatment/rehabilitation – including semipermanent implantable hearing aids, invisible deep canal hearing aids, water/dust/sweat proof hearing aids, Bluetooth compatible, industrial deafness devices,
  • Assistive listening devices.
  • Cochlear Implant, Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA), Bone Bridge, Sound Bridge (middle ear implants): candidacy hearing and balance assessments, ENT referral pathway, switch on, Mapping/programming (can be done at any site).
  • On the spot wax/cerumen/foreign body removal;
  • On-site Sound Level Measurements, Audits and noise dose meters
  • Hearing Conservation Program: including risk management, noise policy, education and training.

By delivering these services directly to your workplace saves you having to pay for travel costs for claimants, and increases productivity by reducing time off work for the assessments and possible subsequent treatment of all hearing, balance, and tinnitus/acoustic shock/trauma needs.

Workplace service packs

Complete hearing service packs for industrial sector businesses including mining, military, agriculture, government or industry.

Service packs can include but are not limited to:

  • Workcover/Medico-Legal Assessments
  • Audiometric Testing
  • Workplace noise testing including noise dosimeters
  • Supply of Hearing Protection and Communication devices
  • Prevention, education and training including hearing conservation and risk management
  • Hearing, Tinnitus, Acoustic Trauma/Shock and Balance Rehabilitation

All assessments and procedures are completed by our fully accredited, including GEPI2, audiologists.

Let us create a service pack to suit your requirements.

Anywhere, anytime!

Clarity is one of the largest privately owned audiology practices in Australia. Clarity was established to service the audiological needs of patients in all areas of Queensland, in particular regional and remote areas.

We are proud to offer the largest geographical spread in the state providing the highest quality audiological services from our permanent clinics in major centres, our regular outreach visiting sites or even direct to your location by appointment.

See our full clinic coverage here.

Plus on-site services at any location by appointment.

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