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Experience and expertise

Clarity Hearing Solutions are one of the fastest growing implant clinics in Australia.

We average around six implant appointment consultations a week and are regarded as pioneers in the field of Adult Bimodal (use of a hearing aid and cochlear implant) Audiological rehabilitation.

Our surgeons are also some of the most well regarded and experienced Implant Ear Nose and Throat surgeons in the country. They have performed hundreds of implant surgeries and are considered to be at the forefront of implantation techniques.

Implant surgery can take place in your choice of three locations – Brisbane, Gold Coast or Townsville.

Advanced technology and holistic treatment and rehabilitation

As implant technology now follows the advancements in hearing aid technology we draw upon our years of hearing aid experience and audiological rehabilitation to achieve enhanced outcomes for our Cochlear Implant recipients.

We approach your treatment holistically making sure both the cochlear implant and hearing aid technology are compatible. They are both mapped and programmed simultaneously to ensure balance, and the associated rehabilitation focuses on integrating the two technologies.

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