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Bone anchored implants

Bone conduction – another option in implant technology

While a lot of the sound we hear travels to our ears through the air (air conduction), we actually hear a great deal through vibrations in the bone (bone conduction).

When a person with normal hearing hears their own voice, most of what they actually hear comes through bone conduction.

Problems in your outer or middle ear can block or restrict the flow of sound waves, preventing them from getting through effectively to your inner ear.

How do bone conduction implants work?

A hearing aid relies on forcing enough sound through these problem areas, whereas bone conduction implants uses the body’s natural ability to transfer sound.

While a hearing aid tries to push sound through the damaged area, a Bone conduction System sends sound directly to your inner ear through your skull.

The sound processor captures sounds in the air and then turns the sound into vibrations and sends them through the abutment or magnetic connection to a vibrating implant implant. The implant then transmits the vibrations through the bone directly to your inner ear.

These devices can be used for those with chronically discharging ear, those who have no ear canal or pinnae and also it can be used as a CROS device for single sided deafness.

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