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An audiology career to be proud of!

Full-time and part-time positions available for Graduate and CCP Audiologists.
Opportunities in Brisbane, Mackay, Gold Coast and Townsville
with some opportunity for international work and travel.

Innovation, passion and diversity

At Clarity Hearing + Balance, innovation, clinical diversity, and ethical practice are our passions!

We are always actively seeking the latest available research, assessments, rehabilitation techniques and products to get the best outcomes for our clients/patients. From using CAP tests as part of hearing aid rehabilitation assessments to working closely with ENT’s and physiotherapists with vestibular and cochlear implant rehabilitation.

If you are passionate about audiology, protect and grow your career in a rapidly changing audiological world by broadening your knowledge and skill set to include more aspects of audiology in an ethical, clinical, evidence based environment.

Diverse Caseload

Immediate exposure to and training in:

  • Cochlear and other implantables
  • Vestibular assessment and rehabilitation
  • Electrophysiology – ecochg, ABR, mid latency and late latency responses, ASSR, VEMP
  • OHS and private hearing aid rehabilitation
  • Lyric extended wear
  • CAPD assessment and rehabilitation
  • Paediatrics – from birth to adulthood
  • NDIS populations
  • Indigenous health
  • Rural/remote audiology
  • Tinnitus assessment and rehabilitation
  • Cerumen and topical canal management
  • Workcover
  • Educational Audiology

Extensive training and support will be provided to increase and diversify your current clinical skillset if required.

We provide training and exposure to all hearing aid and implant manufacturers so you can give the best impartial recommendations.

Ethical practice

At Clarity you will be a clinician first and foremost and work strictly to evidence-based practice methods and within Audiology Australia guidelines including the Independent Audiologists Australia code of ethics.

  • No commissions or sales targets: Positive clinical outcomes for our clients/patients are our measure of our staff’s success, not sales.
  • With our unbundled pricing, margins for our private rehab clients/patients are similar across all levels of technology so there is no incentive or expectation to fit anything other than what is appropriate for their needs. Our income is made by valuing and charging for our skills and audiology expertise, not selling devices.
  • For our OHS clients we fit top-up aids free to client thus the need to top-up is rare and not encouraged unless absolutely clinically necessary.
  • Our independence and evidence-based practice allows us to always put our clients/patients needs first and you can pick from ALL cochlear and hearing aid manufacturers that most adequately meets their needs.

Join the Clarity team

Clarity Hearing + Balance is one of the largest privately owned audiology practices in Queensland. Clarity was established in 2008 by Grant Collins to service the audiological needs of patients in all areas of the state, in particular regional and remote areas.

We are proud to offer the largest geographical spread in the state providing the highest quality full audiological services from our permanent clinics in major centres, to our most remote outreach visiting sites.

Salary and conditions

We offer excellent salary packages, however if you are looking for commissions based upon sales then we are not the company for you as we want to reward good clinical outcomes for our patients, not sales skills.

We do however offer flexible working hours including flex days, and room for long term development within the company.

Travel may be required (mostly local and/or FIFO but there is also opportunity for international travel) (Any frequent flyer points earned are yours).

Full-time and part-time career opportunities are currently available in Brisbane, Mackay, Gold Coast and Townsville for the right candidates:

  • Audiologists with Full Membership with Audiology Australia Limited and a current Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP)
  • Graduate Audiologists with Membership with Audiology Australia Limited currently in GCI or yet to commence GCI
  • Valid passport and ability to travel internationally if required

To register your interest for a position email your CV and a cover letter to:


All interviews and conversations will be met with the strictest of confidence.

We advise that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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