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Why Clarity for your hearing health?

At Clarity we base your expert diagnosis and treatment on five simple, yet hard to come by ethical practice principles. It™s hearing health advice you can rely on.

  • Accurate diagnosis: We only employ the best University Masters qualified and registered Audiologists and we take the time to ensure we accurately diagnose your hearing loss.
  • Evidence-based recommendations and treatment: We only prescribe treatment, hearing aids and features, and assistive listening devices where there™s medical evidence it will actually help you and, importantly, suit your lifestyle.
  • Ethical and transparent pricing: Our low margins are the same across our entire range of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. This means our pricing is some of the lowest available at close to wholesale prices. Our prices are online and clearly outlined. See them here. No hidden costs.
  • No sales commissions: We employ and pay our team to treat your hearing loss. We don™t reward them for reaching targets or sales quotas.
  • Independent: Being independent we can provide hearing aids and implants from all manufacturers to ensure you get the right solution for your hearing needs. We offer you a choice of options that will treat your hearing loss and we will take the time to explain the benefits and features of each option.

Clarity are Office of Hearing Services Program Accredited, NDIS Registered and VES Approved