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News: There’s hope for industrial deafness

There’s hope for industrial deafness

There’s hope for industrial deafness

12/01/2017 - Hearing Aids, Industrial Deafness, Treatment

You may be suffering from noise induced hearing loss or industrial deafness!

Can’t understand the TV? Are people mumbling? It’s hard to explain but sometimes it can sound like people are mumbling, or no matter how much you turn up the TV you still can’t understand what’s being said. But you might be able to hear some sounds perfectly such as a car coming down the road before anyone in the house can! These plus other symptoms are very common complaints and can be caused by noise induced hearing loss (industrial deafness).

How did I get industrial deafness?

Many people are exposed to dangerous levels of noise throughout their lives either through work or through things like concerts and headphones. Around the mid-thirties this begins to catch up with us and can result in the start of a high pitched hearing loss, or ‘industrial deafness’. Hearing then continues to decline as we get older until more pitches are effected and the severity increases.

Early warning signs include:

  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • difficulty hearing in background noise
  • increasing the television volume, and
  • difficulty hearing female or children’s voices.

Can industrial deafness be treated?

Previously it was very hard to treat industrial deafness because putting a standard hearing aid in the ear physically blocked the ear and prevented the use of any remaining good hearing primarily in the low pitched sounds. That meant the hearing aids had to amplify all noises, including excessive background noise. They had an unnatural sound quality and caused the wearer’s own voice to echo and chewing noises to be excessively loud.

Tiny, open-fit devices help alleviate industrial deafness

Thankfully there are now open-fit hearing aids. Instead of blocking the ear these tiny, barely visible devices leave the ear open allowing the wearer to use their good hearing in low pitched sounds, and focuses on speech sounds in specific high pitched areas. If adjusted and fitted specifically for your hearing loss, the result is an entirely natural sound quality, no excessive background noise, and no loud chewing or voice echoes.

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