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Hearing Aids and Tests – Barcaldine

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save on hearing aids

By investing $150 in a second opinion.

John came to Clarity for a second opinion after having a free hearing test with another provider. The provider had told John he needed hearing aids and had quoted him $12,000 for the aids.

John booked a $150 comprehensive hearing test with Clarity. As tests began the Clarity audiologist knew something wasn’t right.

John’s ears were blocked with wax. After removing the wax John had his hearing tested again. This time his results were normal. He didn’t actually need hearing aids!

John saved $11,850 by getting a second opinion from Clarity Hearing Solutions.

At Clarity Hearing Solutions our focus is on treating hearing loss, not selling expensive hearing aids.

It’s all about the right assessment, the right hearing aid solution, and of course, the right price.

Clarity Hearing Solutions offer all the audiology services and solutions you may require.

Clarity Hearing Solutions is proudly Queensland owned and have clinics throughout the state should you need to have your hearing aids serviced or adjusted while travelling.

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Model used. Based on actual client experience.