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News: Clarity brings the amazing Cochlear technology to Mackay

Clarity brings the amazing Cochlear technology to Mackay
7 News Mackay covered the switch on for a Clarity Cochlear recipient

Clarity brings the amazing Cochlear technology to Mackay

16/11/2016 - Audiologists, Hearing Aids, Implants, Treatment

No longer a need to travel to Brisbane for your Cochlear switch on

Cochlear services are now provided locally through Clarity Hearing Solutions in Mackay and all our visiting sites and on 15 November 7 News Mackay covered the story of Andrew and the switch on of his Cochlear implant.

UPDATE: While this story is about our clinic in Mackay, we offer the same service at any of our Queensland clinics. If you are considering a cochlear implant contact us today to discuss your options.
UPDATE: BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) surgery is now available locally in Mackay

Before, a Cochlear patient would undergo implant surgery in Townsville or Brisbane and then have to travel to Townsville or Brisbane for switch on and adjustment. This could result in six to eight trips over a year.

Now, the initial surgery is still done in Townsville or Brisbane but the switch on and ongoing monitoring and adjustment can be done in Mackay or any of Clarity Hearing Solution’s visiting clinic sites throughout the state.

Andrew, who featured in the 7 News story, has suffered from single sided deafness for 30 years. He feels socially isolated as he has real difficulty hearing conversations and other activity when he goes out with friends and family. Andrew approached Clarity looking for help and Cochlear is now an accessible solution in Mackay for people like Andrew. His biggest wish is to finally hear his granddaughter properly and to be more socially active.

This will save Mackay and regional cochlear implant recipients a huge amount of time and money. Clarity is also the only clinic in Queensland to offer this amazing implant and processor technology without cost through a combination of private health insurance and bulk billing. For local patients this means little or no out of pocket costs.

Want to know more about Cochlear and other implants? Check out our Implant web page.

Cochlear implants are an Australian success story with the technology pioneered by Australian researcher Professor Graeme Clark.

A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. Unlike hearing aids, which make sounds louder, cochlear implants do the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain.

Cochlear implants can help people who:

  • have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears
  • have profound hearing loss in one ear with normal hearing in the other ear
  • receive little or no benefit from hearing aids
  • score 65% or less on sentence recognition tests done by hearing professional in the ear to be implanted

Many people have cochlear implants in both ears (bilateral). Listening with two ears can improve your ability to identify the direction of sound and separate the sounds you want to hear from those you don’t.

Read more about cochlear implants and how they can help you on our cochlear web page.

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Clarity provide premium, specialist audiological services to regional, rural and remote areas across Queensland and are renowned for providing the best possible care and outcome for people’s hearing.

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