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News: I want to change hearing services providers!

I want to change hearing services providers!

I want to change hearing services providers!

02/10/2018 - Audiologists, Hearing loss, Treatment

What to do when you no longer feel the love from your hearing services provider.

People receiving hearing services under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program may not be aware that there are a network of different providers who are registered to deliver these services Australia-wide (around 300).

This means that if you wish to change providers, for any number of reasons, you are able to seek out and relocate to someone you feel will better service your needs.

Certainly staying with one provider can be beneficial as you can develop a stronger relationship between yourself and your audiologist. It allows you to work through any problems or issues you may experience with your hearing loss. But in some cases your existing provider may no longer be suitable or convenient for you anymore, or you may just want a second opinion. This is when you can consider finding a new provider. So if you are not 100% happy, maybe it’s time to start looking around.

How do I change hearing service providers?

Once you have chosen a new provider it is a simple matter of contacting them, discussing your needs and ensuring they can meet them. Once you are happy let them know you would like to relocate to them for your hearing services. There’s nothing more for you to do until your first appointment when you sign the consent to relocate form. You do not have to contact your previous provider as your new provider will lodge a relocation notice with the Hearing Services Program on your behalf.

The Hearing Services Program will then inform the old provider that you have chosen to relocate and will request that your personal hearing health file is sent to the new provider. This ensures your new provider has access to your previous hearing health history and can consider this in the continuation of your hearing care.

If you have any difficulties in transferring to a hearing services provider, please contact the Hearing Services Program direct on 1800 500 726.

Remember, changing providers is your choice and your previous provider cannot contact you to try to entice you to return.

What happens to my batteries and maintenance agreement?

If you have a current battery and maintenance agreement in place, this agreement will continue with your new chosen service provider. You are not be required to enter into a new maintenance agreement or pay any additional fees for the period of your agreement. From now on though you will request batteries and maintenance from your new provider.

Good hearing is important and getting the best hearing health care is vital. Remember, it is your choice as to who provides your hearing services. The most important thing is that you are happy and getting the best service and treatment for your hearing health.

If you are looking for a second opinion or feel that you would be better served with a different provider than your current one, talk to Clarity today.

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