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News: Say hi to Kanso, the discreet new sound processor from Cochlear

Say hi to Kanso, the discreet new sound processor from Cochlear

Say hi to Kanso, the discreet new sound processor from Cochlear

14/02/2017 - Hearing Aids, Implants, Treatment

We’ve always been impressed with the technology coming from Cochlear and their latest product, Kanso™ is no exception.

Kanso® is a deceptively small off-the-ear sound processor. Its so small and comfortable they say that youll forget you are wearing it.

But heres the best part. If you are familiar with Cochlears„¢ products, youll know that their Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor is some great technology. The Kanso incorporates the same industry-leading features as the Nucleus 6.

small kansoKey points of Kanso

Discreet: Its small and worn off the ear

Simple: Easy to use, you can set and forget

Smart: SmartSound® iQ with SCAN and dual microphones

Colours: Comes in eight colours to blend with your style (and hair)

Small and discreet

Cochlear recipients who have already tried it say they love how this off-the-ear sound processor – frees your ear compared to a behind-the-ear model.

Cochlear says Kanso is the smallest and lightest off-the-ear sound processor available. At just 13.9 grams its certainly nothing thats going to weigh you down.

Simple to use

Switch it on and put it on. Its as simple as that. Let the Nucleus 6 technology adjust to your environment and you will hear to your best ability wherever you may be.

Because Kanso does all the work for you, youre free to focus on the things that matter.

kanso_hiddenIs Kanso better than a behind the ear processor?

Well there was only one way to find out and Cochlear sponsored a clinical trial. In that clinical trial, 88% of users said their hearing was the same or better with Kanso than with their current behind-the-ear sound processor.

If you are considering a second sound processor, Kanso can provide you with the best hearing technology in a discreet, off-the-ear solution.

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