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News: Put old hearing aids to good use

Put old hearing aids to good use

Put old hearing aids to good use

14/06/2018 - Hearing Aids, Treatment

Do you have old hearing aids just lying around doing nothing? Why not get great use out of them and donate them to the Better Hearing Australia Hearing Access Program?

Clarity Hearing + Balance have recently partnered with Better Hearing Australia Brisbane (BHA) to develop the BHA Hearing Access Program.

The BHA HAP has been developed to give those people with hearing loss that may fall through the cracks left by other programs, including the NDIS, the ability to access low cost quality hearing solutions.

And this is where you can help. The program relies on donations of second-hand hearing aids, which Clarity’s audiologists will refurbish in readiness for fitting. If you have any hearing aids lying around you no longer use, why not donate them to this great cause.

The Hearing Access Program will fit people in need with one or two single or both ears as needed with refurbished hearing aids as required. To ensure as many people as possible are eligible for the program eligibility criteria has been set as simple as possible with the only requirements being on a demonstrated clinical needs basis and holding a Health Care Card.

Clarity and BHA believe the program sets an industry benchmark with the focus being on clinical need rather than a minimum hearing loss threshold.

Clarity’s extensive reach with clinics throughout Queensland means that people can access this program throughout most of the state rather than having to travel to Brisbane to access the public hearing aid bank.

The Hearing Access Program will provide high quality, modern aids deemed suitable to be refurbished and refitted. This includes a full check and service, cleaning and sterilisation, new moulds/receivers/tubes and a housing change where required.

The program includes:

  • a full rehabilitative audiological assessment
  • an initial personalised comprehensive hearing rehabilitation program
  • ear wax/foreign body removal and management
  • hearing aid fitting and verification
  • rehabilitation
  • a report for licencing (if required)
  • a packet of batteries and a cleaning kit.

BHA will also continue to support recipients after fitting with access to a full range of hearing loss management support to ensure they get the most out of their hearing aid(s).

If you have any spare aids lying around you can drop them off to the following locations:

You can also send them to:

BHA Hearing Access Program
Better Hearing Australia Brisbane, Inc
PO Box 5334
West End QLD 4101

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